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I've always been a creative and versatile artist.

Born and raised in Winnipeg (Manitoba), I am fluent in both French and English. I have a Bachelors in Music with a percussion major, Bachelors in Education and my ARCT in piano performance. I play in a band, I teach music, and I compose a huge variety of music for all kinds of mediums. As a teenager, my CD collection was mostly soundtracks. It still is. I strongly believe that themes, not mood, are what binds stories to soundtracks - it's what makes them unique, memorable, no matter how simple they are 

My passion for video games has inspired many of my creations, particularly stories, poetry, drawings and music compositions. My world was shaken by the artistry of Zelda: Ocarina of Time when I was 10 years old. By the age of 17, I had made a piano demo of original works, improvised entire programmatic pieces in live settings, written an award winning play with a live original soundtrack, which I arranged for band a few months later and conducted in concert. 

Favourite video game soundtrack:

The Okami soundtrack, but my favourite game composer is Koji Kondo.

Favourite film soundtrack:

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Preferred software:

Logic Pro X with lots of extra plugins from Native Instruments, Strezov Sampling, Tarilonte, and many more both for composition and music production (see full gear list below)*

Recently played video games:

Dark Souls 2 (PS4)

Bramble: the Mountain King (Switch)

Monster Hunter: Rise/Sunbreak (Switch)

Resume (CV)

Music composition portfolio

  • Décidémons: Gréal web series for WebOuest / Production Rivard (2023)

  • Composed and mixed the music for Virtual Production House (Vancouver) - A Virtual Love Story (2022)

  • Cubey VS The Universe (2022) - original soundtrack and a few sound effects (variable chimes)

  • I’m currently working for Diamond Games as a composer and sound designer. I also freelance, currently composing sounds and music for local independent games.

  • I’ve composed hundreds of concert works for various occasions at school. I’ve composed for wind ensembles (concertos, exercises and performance pieces), piano solos and duets, vocal works for school concerts and ceremonies, percussion ensembles, violin solos, big band jazz, pop, rock, blues and even abstract soundscapes for theater, film and circus productions.

  • I’ve participated at Game Jams in Winnipeg (Peg Jam) to compose original music and create sounds. The pressure of completing many game assets under 48 hours is part of the challenge.

  • Opening credits  of the television series Viens voir ici (2014-2016).

  • I composed the score for the independent film Exposing Heliosols (2013)

  • I arrange many pieces for small and large ensembles, mostly for the pleasure of performing it with my students. These included many video game scores (Halo Reach, Pokemon Medley, Okami Xylophone Concerto, Super Mario Overworld Theme Sax quartet, Zelda Medleys, Morrowind Theme and more).


  • Bachelors in Music (as a percussion major) and Bachelors in Education from the University of Manitoba.

  • ARCT in piano performance from the Royal Conservatory of Toronto (achieved with honour and distinction, receiving one of the highest marks in Canada)

  • Mixing and mastering courses at Precursor Productions (one on one tutoring on producing music and general post-production audio in media)

I’ve been on the Dean’s Honour List every term and received many scholarships, including the Marcel A. Desautels Faculty of Music Endowment Fund Scholarship (for outstanding performance) for both Fall session 2010 and Winter session 2011.


Greatest strengths

  • Fluent in English and French

  • Sense of humour

  • Very open to learning and adapting

  • Very creative and artistic

  • Great at improvising and inventing music on the spot

  • Problem solving through creativity, communication and collaboration

Tools I’m familiar with:

  • DAW of choice: Logic Pro X

  • Currently exploring Reaper to facilitate certain processes in music production (especially in stem mastering).

  • Sibelius for creating music charts and parts for musicians.

  • Basic knowledge of FMOD with integrating sounds and music into Unreal Editor. Examples of integration on my website.


Other music endeavours and careers

  • I’ve performed as a guest percussionist with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

  • I've fully recorded and produced my band's album "Live & Learn" by Almost Insight. Currently performing and writing new music.

  • I've taught band, choir, jazz band, rock band, and composition at the Centre scolaire Léo-Rémillard (a francophone high school in Winnipeg).

  • I also teach private piano lessons in my home studio.

  • Hired on many occasions to perform on piano (weddings, funerals, banquets, Christmas concerts, religious events, fundraisers and graduations).

  • I’ve been a feature musician in multiple concerts, competitions and musical “talk-show” evenings with Le 100 nons (music organization in Winnipeg, MB).

  • I’ve played and improvised live for recitals, concerts and theater productions. I’ve performed entire improvised pieces based on stories given by the audience.

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