This library is always growing. A description of each piece is listed further below.
If you can't find what you're looking for, contact me with details of your ideas and I can send you drafts that fit your vision. You can also purchase the theme or actual track from this list. None of these pieces have been used for projects yet.
If you like what you hear, let's team up!

The Last Stand

This piece is a cliché of the final rallying speech, the intense moment before a decisive battle. The slow tempo gives a sense of broadness and majesty while the pulsing synth bass and drums elevate the heart rate and create excitement and anticipation.

Boss Battle no.1

This aggressive and haunting piece has a shifting meter that pushes the player or listener off balance and creates a stressful environment. The music is briefly stabilized in the middle segment and becomes somewhat mournful before returning to the original material. I applied it to the Cleric Beast Boss Battle for fun (see below).


A showcase of some world music. This piece is inspired by the last hour of hiking to the top of Mt. Fuji in Japan with my brother. It was still night and it started snowing lightly as we climbed and arrived in time to see the sun rise above the clouds.

Space Adventure

I'm not as experienced with electronic music, but I've heard my fair share of 8-bit shooter/platformer tracks. Could be used for a credit sequence or some quick paced game. The melody has fancy footwork but remains memorable nonetheless.

Railroad Blues

Composed for a possible TV show about Canadian railways, this piece was my idea of an accompaniment for a historical flashback on railroads. I imagined a sepia slave-like labour, everyone smoking as much as the engines surrounding them, boots stomping to work under a scorching sun.

Deux détectives, un mystère

Cette piste est inspirée de la chimie qui existe entre les deux personnages principaux du film indépendant et Manitobain "Héliosols". Ces deux journalistes n'ont pas le temps de faire face à leurs vraies émotions pendant qu'ils s'acharnent à exposer les crimes d'une grande compagnie.


This bonus track was inspired by the chemistry between the two main characters from the independent Manitoba film "Exposing Héliosols". The puzzle solving journalists have no time to face their true feelings for one another as they work to bring down a big corporation.

The following clips showcase original works based on battles.

Musical Collaborations

Natalie Kathler


Circumfero (Aeternam 2014, Vincere 2014, Rabenlied 2016)

The Last Stand (2019)

Serenity (2019)

Boss Battle no.1 (2019)

Stephany Younan


Circumfero (Vincere 2014, Rabenlied 2016, Koda 2016, Kronox 2019)

The Last Stand (2019)

Serenity (2019)

Boss Battle no.1 (2019)

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